Coca-Cola   presented a   robust set of results which surprised market analysts. Sales were up by   18% vs the 9% consensus. This was driven by volume increases of 11% and price   increases of 7%.

Revenue   rose 16.3% y/y to $10.49 bn. Net income was up 23.8% to $2.78bn with diluted   HEPS of $0.64, up 23.08%. And the net profit margin rose to an impressive   26.51%.

The   company once again raised its dividend, announcing an increase of 4.8% to   $0.44 per share. A continuation of its strong record of dividend increases   over many years.

CEO   James Quincey reinforced expectations that the company is well positioned to   deliver topline growth ahead of peers over the next several years, due to an   advantaged business model as well as positive strategy changes now starting   to bear fruit.

Enhanced   product innovation, new marketing innovations and strong global market   execution, are some of the drivers of future growth for this multi-national   beverage giant, with a beverage basket of around 200 brands.

Both   Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase rate Coke amongst their top stock picks for   2022, in the consumer staples sector.

The   dividend yield of 2.67%, is also attractive compared to that of the S&P   of around 1.45%, with the company expecting a rise in EPS of 8%-10% in 2022   vs that in 2021.

The   current PE of 27x, does reflect a premium rating for this high-quality share.   I have been invested in Coke shares over the past few years. The share should   be purchased into market weakness.